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Eco Van Life - Our Nomadic Lifestyle and Ethical Travel

Living on the Road Down Under!

This is where we share our nomadic lifestyle, hoping to inspire you to do the same.

Join us on our daily adventures as we experience Australia’s breathtaking landscapes and astounding wildlife.

Follow our journey for inspiration and motivation to live a life full of adventure with our fun videos, beautiful photos and exciting stories.

Interested in ethical lifestyles, adventure travel and eco-tourism?  We are too!

We want to show you how to travel sustainably, get involved in some wacky activities and how eco-tourism works in the land of oz.

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Eco Van Life - Why Live a Nomadic Lifestyle - John

Why Live the Nomadic Life?

Life is short, and the only thing we are guaranteed not to lose is great experiences.

Wouldn’t it be nice to choose a new place to wakeup every day?

Our passion for adventure travel, sustainable living and eco experiences gave us the inspiration to live life on the road.

Dingo the Campervan

Our home is a 1989 Toyota Hiace that once upon a time taxi’d 15 passengers around Western Australia.

We bought “Dingo” in a sorry state having sat for 5 months at a beach north of Cairns. There was just something about “her” and we couldn’t help but take a chance.

After 6 months of DIY tiling, woodwork, electrics and several trips to the mechanic it was time to hit the open road.

Eco Van Life - Our Nomadic Lifestyle and Ethical Travel - Dino the Campevan


Minimalism is our new way of life and the answer to many problems caused by the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around.

Being travellers we always found it easy to ‘live light’ but always held on to things that were boxed up in a family members loft or garage.

This time it was gloves off and time to play hard ball. We asked the question “When was the last time we used this?”

Ultimately many ‘things’ were given to charity shops and friends. We left one small box each with family and the rest fitted perfectly into our new home.

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