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Brekkie Beach Clean Magnetic Island

Feature Image - Brekkie Beach Clean Magnetic Island - Horseshoe Bay Beach Clean Up

Beach Clean Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is just 8km offshore from Townsville. With around 2500 (human) residents and 166 species of wildlife it’s a beautiful place to be.

There are 23 bays & beaches to explore, but Horeshoe Bay is the most popular beach to visit.

The daily passenger and vehicle ferries offer tourists and mainland residents the chance to enjoy this beautiful island.

Brekkie Beach Clean - Magnetic Island - What did we find

Our beach clean's

In Mission Beach we were gifted some beach clean up bags which have become useful indeed! 

We use these every time, as we prefer not to use plastic bags.

Brekkie Beach Clean Magnetic Island - Horseshoe Bay - Marine Debris Collage

What did we find?

Beach Clean Magnetic Island took 30 minutes to complete. Our findings ranged from gardening gloves, to cigarette butts, small peices of plastic and even a burst baloon.

We found 62 peices and made a basic collage to show the impact of our actions.

Brekkie Beach Clean Magnetic Island - Visit to Radical Bay Beach Clean Up

Radical Bay

The following day we visited Radical Bay. A stunning beach accessable by a 6km return walk from The Forts carpark or 4wd vehicle if you have one.

We can’t resist searching for plastic and unfortunately found several items that carelessly left on the beach.

Tangaroa Blue

Instead of throwing our findings straight into the disposal bins we recorded our Brekkie Beach Clean Magnetic Island with Tangaroa Blue.

Tangaroa Blue Foundation is an Australian registered charity focused on the health of our marine environment and monitor the impacts of marine debris along Australia’s coastline.

Now everyone can get involved with their new App.

Tell us about your beach cleans

Are you doing a beach clean in Australia? Or even anywhere in the world?

If so, we would love to hear about it!

Tag us on Social Media or send us an email via our contact us page.

We would love to share your efforts with our readers.

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  2. Sarah
    | Reply

    Love your beach cleans.. it is really inspiring.

    • Tina Satchell
      | Reply

      Hi Sarah, Thankyou for reading and glad you like our beach cleans! We are always making an effot to clean our beaches and there are more #brekkiebeachcleans coming soon 🙂

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