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Day 1: Campervan Brake Failure

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On the Road Day One - Campervan Break Failure
On the Road Day One

Campervan Brake Failure is Not Good!

We were off, goodbye Cairns and hello the open road. Little did we know we would be back in Cairns that afternoon.

We enjoyed a stunning drive from Cairns to Port Douglas along the Captain Cook Highway. We were full of excitement and tasting freedom until the brake pedal went straight to the floor. Campervan Brake Failure!

Luckily it regained pressure but it was coming and going. I got on the phone to our friendly Cairns Mechanic and that was that.

After some online mechanical research I worked out it was a failing brake master cylinder and we limped back to Cairns.

This is Rob & Alex from Rob7 Mechanics, a great couple who came to the rescue!
Rob & Alex are a great couple and came to our rescue!

Friendly Service

We managed to get back to Cairns and our friendly mechanic ROB 7 Automotive Repairs took care of us.

He is normally booked out 2 weeks in advance but as soon as we arrived he gave our camper the full check over.

Rob confirmed it was the Brake Master Cylinder. The part wasn’t in stock so we needed a bed for the night!

Campervan Break Failure = Awesome Private Room at Tropic Days in Cairns!

Best Bed in Cairns!

We got so lucky! We ended up staying at Tropic Days  a stunning old Queenslander turned into a Balinese style ‘home away from home’ resort.

Tropic Days is literally for every type of traveller, from backpackers to families.

The staff are super friendly and the owners are always about too. Kathy making sure it is as clean as a whistle, and Gabriel tending to the gardens and Travellers questions.

They throw an Australian BBQ on Monday nights that even includes vegan options!

Campervan Brake Failure = 2 Nights at Tropic Days!
Campervan Brake Failure turns into Paradise!

It was so nice we stayed another night!

We really felt like we were on holiday finally and it was sad to leave after our additional night.

It was now time to leave Cairns. Our plan, to see the oldest rainforest in the world, Daintree National Park and hopefully one of its inhabitants, saltwater crocodiles!

Fingers crossed our next blog will still include the both of us.

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