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Captivating Crystal Creek

Feature Image - Captiivating Crystal Creek - Paluma Range National Park

Paluma National Park

Just 1 hour north of Townsville, Crystal Creek is an ideal place to escape the coastal heat and relax in the cool mountain air of the Paluma Range.

Big Crystal Creek - An Morning Swim - Paluma National Park

An Early Morning Swim

Big Crystal Creek, the perfect place for an early morning swim.

A paradise waterhole where birds sing together, high in the rainforest trees.

Grey Nomads often enjoy this area in the cooler months, we met some really friendly Nomads and shared our ‘stories on the road’.

Crystal Creek Rockpools - Paluma National Park - Natural waterslides and swimming holes

The Rockpools

Only 5 minutes from Big Crystal Creek hides a unique destination…

Crystal Creek Rockpools… Where a series of swimming holes and rockslides await.

Crystal Creek Rockslides - Natural waterslides - John and Tina

Natural Waterslides

A series of short slides and smooth rocks make the perfect natural waterslides.

This captivating place offered hours of amusement, relaxation and so much fun we were reluctant to leave.

Life on the Road

We quickly shared our enjoyment with Swiss couple Lisa and Marco, who were both here on an adventure road trip of Australia!

So much fun we had to share it! 

A visit to Crystal Creek is definitely a ‘must do’ when visiting Far North Queensland. If you prefer to stay longer, there is also a National Parks Campground right on the doorstep!

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  1. Yana
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    Wow this place looks so good!! Love your video, I will tell my friends and add this to my list!

    • Tina Satchell
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      Hi Yana, Thankyou for reading and glad you enjoyed our post! More coming soon 🙂

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