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Cool Dingo Tour on Fraser Island

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3 Day 2 Night Tour to Fraser!

No trip along the east coast of Australia would be complete without exploring the magnificent Fraser Island.  

I heard so much about this place before actually going, and was envious of many travellers who had actually gone.. After 4 years I can now say that it’s definitely worth a visit!

Day 1 - Hervey Bay to Fraser Island

An early morning pick-up from the ‘Dingo bus’ ensures we can enjoy a full day of adventure on Fraser Island.

After check-in we jump on-board the 50 minute ferry towards Kingfisher Bay admiring the beautiful scenery.

Our tour guide Adrian welcome’s us to the Island before we set off in the 4wd Cool Dingo bus.

Sand Paths and Bumpy Rides on Fraser Island_Cool Dingo_ Eco Van Life

Sand Paths & Bumpy Rides

Fraser Island is largely made up of sand, making it a challenging task to get anywhere.

We braced ourselves for the steep decline from Kingfisher Bay. Almost everyone hold’s on to their seatbelts as we dip and bounce along the sandy path. Many cars get stuck on these paths, making it a challengeing road for anyone.

Did you know? Fraser Island is the world biggest sand island!

Lake Mckenzie

In the middle of Fraser Island is the spectacular Lake Mackenzie. One of the most popular lakes on the island.

It looks just like a beautiful beach, with it’s pristine white silica sand and clear blue water. We could easily spend a day relaxing here.

Did you know? There’s over 200 lakes on Fraser Island.

Central Station to Pine Valley

Peaceful, ancient rainforest walks are not to missed on Fraser Island. 

The massive Angiopteris ferns are icredible, they are the largest fern fronds in the world!

Further down is Pine Valley where the magnificent Satinay Trees live and they are huge! They are also regarded as one of Fraser Island’s biological marvels.

Did you know? The sand they grow in has almost no natural minerals. The trees & plants help eachother to fertilize.

Wanggoolba Creek_Fresh Water Creek_Fraser Isalnd_Eco Van Life

Wanggoolba Creek

During our rainforest walk our Adrian takes us to Wanggoolba Creek.

This crystal Clear water flows through the rainforest valley over silky white sand and it’s perfect for drinking! It’s probably the freshest water I’ve ever tasted

Day 2. Scenic Views of Fraser Island

I had always wanted to take a Scenic Flight over a beautiful island, but never had the opportunity (or budget) .

The views from above are spectacular! Fraser Island is a whole lot bigger than I realised and it’s truly unique. The entire rainforest is thriving on sand.

The scenic flights are an optional extra. We paid $80 per person, which is very reasonable in Australia.

Eli Creek

The Cool Dingo bus decided to brake down on the beach. Luckily it happened near Eli Creek, not a bad place to brake down in the hot sun!

The water is ‘fresh’, it is so fresh it’s freezing cold, but floating down the creek is one of the best experiences on the island! If you have a inflatable tyre or bodyboard it’s even better.

Champagne Pools

On the North Eastern side of the Island is Champagne Pools. It’s a 30 minute scenic walk to the natural pool and lots of fun.

There are several small pools to relax and watch the waves crashing over the rocks. Altenatiely, have a dip and get amungst the waves!

Did you know? Champagne Pools is the only place on Fraser where saltwater swimming is allowed.

Maheno Shipwreck

Possibly the most photographed place on Fraser Island.

We were lucky enough to be the only tour group nearby to enjoy this magnificent old medical ship up close before the tide came in.

Fascinating Fact: The SS Maheno was shipwrecked in 1935 on it’s way to Japan, when a fierce cyclone hit the area. It washed ashore, attempts to move it failed and is now a tourist hotpsot.

Sunsets on Fraser

We arrived back in Kingfisher Bay just before dark, the perfect time to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the beach.

Day 3. Lake Birrabean

One of the more peaceful lakes on the island is Lake Birrabean. 

We had the whole lake to ourselves, so it was the perfect chance to test our balance with Paddleboarding.

Indian Head

This short, sandy walk to Indian Head has to be my favourite place to admire the stunning views of Fraser Island. One of the best places to see Turtles, Dolpins and Whales.

Listening to the ocean waves crashing on the rocks, looking for widllife is a pretty good way to enjoy a morning walk.

I was very excited to spot a Green Sea Turtle swimming in the waves and two young Dingos playing on the beach.

Hammerstone Sandblow

These huge desert looking, sand dunes are very impressive.

However, getting there involves a 4.6 km return track uphill through soft sand, so it’s not an wasy walk. But the stunning views, and a swim in Lake Wabby make it all worth while.

Did you know? There are over 30 sand blows on the island.

Fraser Island Highlights

Overall, this tour was great! We learnt a lot about the island and visited many beautiful places.

The downside would be the amount of plastic cups still being used. So it’s a good idea to take your own reuable coffee cup and water bottle.

Watch our video to get inspired and start your next adventure to Fraser Island with Cool Dingo.

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