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Derwent Hunter ~ Whitsunday Islands

Feature Image Derwent Hunter - Whitsunday Islands - Eco Day Tour - Sail the Whitsundays on a Tallship

Sailing the Whitsundays

The Derwent Hunter has an incredible history. Too much to write about here… but if you experience a day out on this beautiful Tallship, you will find out everything you need to know!

During our tour we discovered the Derwent Hunter was built in 1946. (That’s over 70 years ago) It sailed many seas and even stared in a TV Show before arriving in the Whitsundays 25 years ago.

Derwent Hunter Day Tour - Eco Sail Whitundays - Tina & John on tallship

Relax and enjoy the views

After a morning briefing we were on our way to the Whitsunday Islands.

The 2-3 hour sail offers plenty of time, to admire the stunning Queensland Coastline and enjoy the experince of sailing, on a Tallship before morning tea is served (with vegan biscuits too!)

Derwent Hunter Day Tour - Eco Sail Whitundays - Tina & John raising the sails on the tallship

Join The Crew!

Get involved with the awesome crew!

Passengers are invited to help pull the ropes and even visit the Captain’s cabin to steer the ship. It’s lots of fun and a great workout too! 

Before jumping in the pristine waters, the extremely knowledgeable Crew told us all about the ocean and the marine life we would encounter.

Derwent Hunter Day Tour - Eco Sail Whitsundays - Tina & John Snorkelling Whitsunday Islands

Snorkelling the GBR

We visited two snorkelling locations within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, exploring the fringing coral reefs of the Whitsunday Islands.

Our first destination was at North Stonehaven Bay. A sheltered, pictureque bay on Hook Island. The second snorkel spot was at at South Stonehaven Bay, a beautiful coral reef with a variety of marine life.

Both destinations are fantastic and suitable for all swimming abilities.

Marine Life

We found many beautiful species of fish and and coral around the islands, but this incredible looking jellyfish was something else!

There are many species that are not dangerous, such as this stunning White Spotted Jellyfish we discovered.

After 2 hour’s of snorkelling we were ready for lunch. The buffet style lunch offers something for everyone. 

John and I follow a vegan diet, luckily for us the crew were prepared and made delicous falafel wraps with humous! One of our favourites.

Eco Tourism and a Sense of Humour!

The Derwent Hunter is our favourite Sailing Day Tour on the Whitsunday islands. 

It’s eco friendly and lot’s of fun! Follow the link to find out more:

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