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Discovering Wallaman Falls

Feature Image - Wallaman Falls Lookout - Girringun National Park -Tina

Girringun National Park

Discover Wallaman Falls, a beautiful single drop waterfall hidden within a World Heritage National Park.

Just south of Hinchbrook Island,  you will find a scenic drive with very few people and many animals.

Early Morning Drive

Curious cow’s slowly roam the countryside and even walk on the road, so it’s good to take your time.

We both love animals, so we spent time admiring the many cows, Kangaroos and Wallabies that enjoy the area.

If you haven’t yet seen the iconic kangaroo, this is a great place to see them in the wild.

The Falls Lookout

Wallaman Falls lookout offers spectacular views of the 268 metre waterfall and Girringun National Park.

We admired the views from here, but if you are feeling fit and the weather is good you can even trek down to Stony Creek and go for a swim!  

Wallaman Falls - Second Lookout - Herbert River Valley & Gorge

Herbert River

The second lookout offers stunning views of the gorge and the Herbert River Valley. 

Platypus, eastern water dragons and saw-shelled turtles live in the river, so if you have time to hike down, it’s definitely worth it.. 

Wallaman Falls to Ingham - Tyto Wetlands

The riverside town of Ingham

We visited the small town of Ingham, known for the ‘Pub with no Beer ‘ and Tyto Wetlands.

Tyto wetlands is a beautiful conservation area, with lagoons and walking tracks that are home to more than 240 species of birds

Wallaman Falls to Forrest Beach - Brekkie Beach Clean - John

Forrest Beach

Our last stop of the area is Forrest Beach. A perfect coastal village to relax with our hammocks and watch the sun go down.

Staying at a beach, is also a great excuse for an early morning walk and a Brekkie Beach Clean.

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