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Lava Tubes and Hot Pools

Feature Image - Lava Tubes and Hot Pools - The Undara Experience

The Undara Experience

Undara is Australia’s accessible Outback! A hidden gem, tucked away in Far North Queensland.

Within the Undara experience, you will fnd the biggest lava tubes in the world! 

Explore the Tours

Undara experience offer three different tours depending on the time of year.

We decided to learn the history of the lava tubes with the Archway Eplorer before enjoying a beautiful evening with the Wildlife at Sunet tour.

Undara Experience - Archway Explorer Tour

Archway Explorer

This fully guided 2 hour tour is an excellent and informative way to discover how big these lava tubes really are! 

Tours depart 8am, 10:30am, 1pm and 3:30pm. 

Fitness level – easy

Wildlife at Sunset

Our Undara Experience was not complete without experiencing the Wildlife At Sunset tour to explore the savannah region whilst looking out for Wallabies, Kangaroos, bats and more!

We enjoyed a magical sunset from the hilltop with a glass of Champagne and treats before venturing into a nearby cave to search for bats, snakes and spiders! 

Tours depart 5:30pm – 2 hour tour.

Undara Experience - Accomodation / How long do you need?

Accomodation/How long do you need?

From our personal experience, we recommend staying here for at least 1 night, 2 nights if you have the time. There is plenty to see, especially if you enjoy walking and exploring!

nnet Hot Springs Holiday Park - Natural Hot Pools

Innot Hot Springs

Only 1.5 hours north east, natural hot springs await…

A perfect place to relax after the Undara Experience is Innot Hot Springs Holiday Park. You can either take a day pass or stay overnight and enter the hot springs at anytime, day or night.

Ravenshoe - Australia's Highest Pub & Town

Ravenshoe - The highest Town in Queensland

A small town in the Tablelands Region, friendly locals and beautiful walks. 

Here you can escape the humid evenings and enjoy a tasty meal with a refreshing beverage at the Highest Pub in Queensland.

Ready for more?

Explore the Atherton Tablelands or head to the coast and discover the Great Barrier Reef and more!

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