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Magnetic Island Must Do’s

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Top 5 Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island’s relaxed tropical atmosphere is a popular place to visit for backpackers, couples and families.

With the Great Barrier Reef on its doorstep and a National Park to explore, it’s the idyllic place for a day trip or holiday.

Here’s our Top 5 Magnetic Island Must Do’s.

1. The Forts Walk

There are 10 different walking trails to explore on Magnetic Island, but our favourite ‘Magnetic Island Must do’ is The Forts Walk.

This 4km return walk through the eucalypt forest is famous for spotting Koalas in the wild! The track is steep in places, but the views are definitely worth it! 

Once you arrive at the top, you will find the ruins of the World War 2 Forts Complex along with stunning views of the National Park.

2. Snorkel Trails

A definite must do, especially if you love nature and want to explore the Great Barrier Reef without a day tour.

The first Snorkel Trail is located in Nelly Bay and the second in Geoffrey Bay. 

Both locations offer excellent snorkelling over fringing reef with various species of colourful fish and coral. 

Green Sea Turtle’s can often be seen around the coral reefs searching for food and are wonderful to watch.

If you only have time to snorkel in one location, our top pick is Geoffery Bay. The Moltke Wreck is close to the shore and if you are feeling adventurous, swim a little further to find the WW2 aeroplane Propeller!

Please note: Coral is very fragile, please do not stand on it or touch it. 

3. Wildlife Spotting

Magnetic Island is home to over 254 species of wildlife. It has the largest population of wild koalas in the world and is also a nesting site for sea turtles.

Some of the many species you can find include Short Beaked Echidnas, Brush Tailed Possoms and our favourite curious critters, the Allied Rock Wallabies!

In the Winter months Humpback Whales can often be seen from the beach or ferry.

4. Relax at the Beach

Magnetic Island has 23 different beaches and bays with some only accessable by foot, 4wd or by boat.

The most popular beach to visit is Horseshoe Bay. The beach is beautiful and the quaint beachfront cafe’s offer something for everyone.

If relaxing in the sun isn’t your thing, you can hire a jet ski, Scuba Dive or even take a boat tour around the island. 

5. The Sunset's

The best things about being on an island? You can see a sunrise and a sunset on the beach!

West Point is the best beach to see the sunset whilst enjoying a picnic and a glass of wine.

Our favourite sunet is actually at Hawkings Point. A short walk from Picnic Bay that offers spectacular views of the island whilst also enjoying the colourful colours of the evening sky.

Top 5 must do's in 45 seconds!

Get inspired with our Magnetic Island Must Do’s Video! Show your friends and explore together!


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