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A little info about us!

John and I met in Cairns, Australia back in January 2016. I was volunteering at a beautiul boutique Hostel and John had just returned to work after 4 years travelling around the world!

We soon discovered our similarities, our passion for travel and love of nature!

Eco Van Life_About Tina and John_ Tina with Sea Turtle
Tina with Green Sea Turtle at The Great Barrier Reef

I'm Tina and this is my story!

My passion is travel, wildlife and adventure! 

For the past 2 years I have volunteered at Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre caring for sick and injured Sea Turtles. 

I have been lucky enough to help release four Green Sea Turtles and a Flatback Sea Turtle back into the wild, on the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. 

This is also where I discovered Scuba Diving, working on the reef to become a PADI Divemaster with Seastar, a small family owned snorkel and dive trip.

Born in England, I grew up in Sherwood Forest, the home of Robin Hood! In 2006 I moved to Newquay, the surfing capital of the UK. Here I met travellers from all over the world and my passion for travel began.

About us_Eco Van Life_Tina_Skydive Queentown
Tandem Skydive in Queenstown

Before I knew it I was travelling New Zealand in a campervan, meeting people from all over the world! 

I lived with 3000 sheep on a Kumara farm for 2 years before I found Queenstown, the adventure captial of the world. 

I found my adventurous side and discovered Snowboarding, Skydiving and Bungy Jumping! 

Four years later, my passion for travel took me to Australia and I explored Western Australia with my best friend of 20 years!

I was lucky enough to travel Europe in 2012 and 2015 visiting Holland, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

South East Asia was next on my bucket list. I was interested in learning different cultures and booked a flight to Indonesia.

It wasn’t long before I travelled to Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia.

There is still a lot more to see, and so my journey continues with my partner, my best mate and my soul mate, John!

About us_Eco Van Life_John at veggie Garden in Wales
Family Veggie Garden in Wales

Hi Guys! I'm John

Well, I am very far from home, I grew up in Wales and for those who don’t know, Wales is an actual country with its own unique language. 

I always had dreamed of leaving in search of adventure in far away lands inspired by my idol Sir David Attenborough.

In 2005 they were realised when I broke free of the daily grind, booked a 16 flight round the world ticket and never looked back.

One Year, 4 Continents and 10 Countries Later

It was one of the best years of my life. Learning about people, culture, nature and more importantly me. I grew as a person falling well and truely in love with travel.

I landed in Cape Town with no luggage, naive, nervous and when I was told not to walk certain places down town I really thought what have I Iet myself in for?

It didn’t take long and I felt like a local spending 6 weeks travelling across South Africa with no problems and ticked off one of my dreams, going on safari.

I went on to visit Hong Kong, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA over the following 10 months.

How can you Travel the World?

I flew to Oz to become GM of Travellers Oasis boutique backpackers
I flew to Oz to become GM of Travellers Oasis boutique backpackers

Heading to the Land Down Under

Upon returning to Wales one year later my thoughts were let’s plan the next escape. And just by putting that out to the universe unexpected events and a big opportunity came knocking at my door.

I flew to Australia to become General Manager of Travellers Oasis boutique backpackers located in Cairns. 

Living on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef, I just couldn’t believe it and even better the job included permanent residency in Australia.

I spent four wonderful years looking after lots of beautiful people from all over the world but the time came to put on my backpack and hit the road again!

Visiting the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda made famous by the film Gorillas in the Mist. This photo is of me with a silver back in teh background. A dream come true.
Visiting the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda in 2012 made famous by the film "Gorillas in the Mist"

Australian Citizenship and 4 Years Travelling

Thank you Australia! I collected my dual citizenship at the beginning of 2012 and travelled for the following 4 years!

I spent time in Borneo, West Papua, East and Southern Africa and finally South America.

I came back to Australia a different person after experiencing life and culture on another level.

New Beginnings

In 2016 I met Tina and set up an online eco-tourism booking website called Tree Hugger Travel that donates 30% of all profit to the David Attenborough supported World Land Trust securing the future of threatened rainforests across the globe.

Now it’s time to travel again, so follow our adventures and see what we get upto on the road in Australia. 

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