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Mission Beach & The Cassowary Coast

Feature Image -Mission Beach & The Cassowary Coast

Relaxation at Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a relaxed beachfront town on the Cassowary Coast, south of Cairns.

A perfect place for us to unwind after our epic road trip of rainforest, waterfalls and Tablelands region.

Wongaling Beach

A peaceful beach, located close to Dunk Island and nearby Mission Beach Resort, our destination for the evening. New Zealand reggae band Katchafire are playing live tonight!

Mission Beach - Beach Clean Up - Wongaling Beach

From Music to Beach Cleans

Camping by the beach at Bali Hai was also an ideal place for a Brekkie Beach Clean. An important part of our eco road trip!

Rainforest Trails

Mission Beach offers many rainforest trails and boardwalks, which is also a great opportunity to search for interesting wildlife such as this pretty face Wallaby.

Mission Beach - Snorkelling at Great Barrier Reef - Eco Tour - Tree Hugger Travel

Great Barrier Reef

Looking for things to do? Mission Beach offers snorkelling and diving tours to the Great Barrier Reef almost everyday.

Unfortunately for us the weather wasn’t great and we couldn’t venture out this time, but i was lucky enough to explore these beautiful reefs 3 years ago.

Mission Beach - White Water Rafting Xtreme - Tree Hugger Travel - Eco Tour

Things to Do

The coral reefs around Mission Beach are stunning. With less interference from boats and pollution these stunning reefs are pristine and definitely worth a visit!

Looking for something different? How about White Water Rafting! It’s lots of fun when you go ‘Xtreme’

Mission Beach - Relaxing in the Hammock

The Journey Continues....

With so much to see, we can’t sit around in our hammocks all day!

Our journey continues with Wallaman Falls…

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