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Ocean Rafting ~ Whitehaven Beach

Feature Image - Explore the Whitsundays - Ocean Rafting Eco Day Tour - Whitehaven Beach

Southern Explorer

Ocean Rafting is a fun & exciting way to explore the Whitsundays!

They operate two unique day tours from Airlie Beach. One option is, the Southern Explorer with more beach time and the second option is, the Northern Lights tour with more snorkelling time!

It was a tough decision, but we decided on the Southern Explorer to explore more of Whitehaven Beach! 

Explore the Whitsundays - Ocean Rafting - Ride of Your Life

The Ride of Your Life

Have some fun, on the ‘wild side’ with Ocean Rafting. They have great tunes with a fun crew and the best boat’s around!

The best seats are on the ‘wild side’. We were the only ones brave enough, to have fun at 8am!

Snorkel the Whitsundays

Time for some snorkelling at Haslewood Island Reef, a stunning area full of colourful fish, giant clams and beautiful coral. 

We also met a young sea turtle, eating sea grass on the sea floor. Unforutntely he was camera shy, so we don’t have any photos of him.

However we got a great photo of a bright yellow sea slug! This guy was only 10cm, not the easiest thing to find on the reef, but vey cool indeed. 

Whitehaven Beach

The famous Whitehaven beach and it’s pristine white silica sand is nothing but incredible. 

We jumped straight in the water for a swim before taking a stoll on this stunning beach and enjoying the surrounding forest.

Did you know? It’s not only stunning to look at, but the sand never gets too hot. Therefore, you can’t laugh at people stepping on hot sand, burning their feet.

Explore the Whitsundays - Ocean Rafting - Whitehaven Beach - Lunch with a View

Lunch at Whitehaven Beach

After exploring Whitehaven beach and relaxing in the crystal clear waters, it’s time for lunch with a view!

The buffet style lunch is excellent, with plenty of vegetarian & vegan options too. 

Lunch is an otpional extra. So if you are looking for a cheaper option to the Whitsundays, you can take your own lunch.

Whitehaven Inlet

Ocean rafting is the only tour to have direct access to the Hill Inlet beaches.

The friendly crew offered a guided National Park walk to Hill Inlet lookout to enjoy the stunning views.

Did you know? The view from above always changes due to daily tides and sand movement! Therefore it will always look different.

Ocean Rafting

The best way to see the Whitsundays & Whitehaven all in a day!

If you have a few days in Airlie Beach, the ‘Chill & Thrill’ Package is an excellent otpion! Ocean Rafting and Derwent Hunter on two action packed eco-certified day trips!

Derwent Hunter is an excellent sailing day trip. Click Here to read our blog.

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