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Our Top 10 Eco Travel Tips

Top 10 eco travel tips for a sustainable future - feature

Our Top 10 eco travel tips for a sustainable future.

It feels good to care for our environment, our wildlife and our home.  

Luckily for you, we have chosen our Top 10 eco travel tips to make your next adventure eco friendly!

1. Ditch the plastic Bags

They take 500 years to biodegrade and are very harmful to our wildlife. Sea Turtles can mistake plastic bags for jellyfish whilst smaller pieces are mistaken for food by other marine life and birds.

Solution: Instead, try using reusable cotton tote bag for your shopping

2. Be at home in a Hotel

Getting clean towels and bed linen everyday or leaving the electricity and air conditioning on all day is a little extreme. It’s a waste on our resources and therefore an unnecessary expense for hotels.

eco travel tips 2 eco beach house

Solution: It’s okay to re-use your towel and keep your bed linen for a week. Additionally, turn off your TV, lights and air conditioning when you are not in your room.

3. Plastic Water Bottles

Avoid them when possible, 100,000 of plastic bottles end up in landfill everyday. Furthermore, they can leak chemicals from sun exposure.

Solution: Stainless Steel water bottles are reusable, they also keep water cold for up to 24 hours!

4 . Avoid Zoo's and animal exploitation

Zoos and Marine Parks do not provide natural environments for wild animals. They are taken from the wild as a baby and develop stereotypical behaviours due to stress, boredom and loneliness.

Solution: Visit a Sanctuary that rescues and rehabilitates wild animals. Alternatively, you can observe and admire them in the wild.

5. Eco Sunscreen

Many sunscreens contain harmful chemicals such as oxybenzone and Octinoxate. As a result, they can leach into the ocean, causing damage to coral reefs and marine life.

Solution: Use a marine friendly sunscreen such as Surf Life Saving Sunscreen.

6. Profit or Planet

Large tour operators care about profit rather then our planet. Furthermore, our environment can have devastating consequences.

Solution: Use an eco friendly tour operator or travel agent. Tree Hugger Travel offer eco travel, tours and also buy rainforest with their profits!

7. Travel Overland

We all know flying increase our carbon footprint. But did you know, it’s the take off and landings that create the most emissions.

Solution: If possible take a bus or a train instead. However, if you have to fly, try taking a non-stop flight where possible.

8. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Vast amounts of plastic are discarded every year. Unfortunately polluting lands, rivers, beaches, and oceans. Furthermore our wildlife and environments are suffering.

Solution: Try to reduce the amount of plastic you use, if its unavoidable try to reuse it. When you cannot reuse it, please recycle.

9. Avoid Palm Oil

Unfortunately many products contain Palm Oil, which leads to deforestation, climate change, animal cruelty and indigenous rights abuse in the countries where it is produced.

Solution: Check the packaging when buying groceries. It is frequently labelled vegetable oil in countries such as Australia.

10. Be The Change

What else do we need to complete our Top 10 eco travel tips? You of course!

The earths population is getting bigger. Your actions, along with the actions of others, are a powerful force for change.

Eco Travel Tips 10 Be the Change volunteer or join a beach clean up with Tangaroa Blue

Solution: Get involved in a project or organisation. Alternatively, start your own beach clean up or become a wildlife volunteer.

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  1. David
    | Reply

    Thank you for this nice blog entry.
    I’m working on a non commercial travel routing app in my freetime, which displays an estimation of the CO2 emission of a iternary. Besides it gives you tip to reduce the CO2 emission. If you like it, you could mention it. I would appreciate it 🙂
    You find it here: https://yourtravelroute.com

    Thank you!

    • Tina Satchell
      | Reply

      Hi David, we love this idea!

      We will take a look at your website and social media 🙂

      Tina & John

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