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Snorkel Trails on Magnetic Island

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Island Life

Magnetic Island is only 8km from Townsville via Vehicle Ferry or Passenger Ferry.

We decided to take our campervan ‘Dingo’ with us, to experience what this beautiful island has to offer.

Arriving on Magnetic Island - Nelly Bay - Tina on the Ferry

Arriving on Magnetic Island

All ferries arrive at Nelly Bay, a beautiful village with several shops, restuarants and hotels.

Magnetic Island is recommended as one of the 10 best snorkelling spots in Queensland. In 2012 two snorkel trails were made for visitors to enjoy.

Snorkel Trail at Geoffrey Bay - Magnetic Island - John on Beach Fins

Where to Snorkel

Nelly Bay offers the first snorkel spot near the beach at Base Backpackers. 

The second snorkel spot is in the nearby village of Arcadia and offers excellent snorkel trails straight from the beach at Geoffrey Bay.

For a $5 donation you can pick up a handy Snorkel Card from many retail outlets on the island. 

Snorkelling equipment can be hired from Pleasure Divers in Arcadia.

Snorkel Trail at Geoffrey Bay - Magnetic Island - Snorkel Markers and John

Snorkelling at Geoffrey Bay

Follow the markers to start exploring!

The first marker is roughly 350 metres from the beach, so if you are not a strong swimmer take a floatation device and a friend with you.

Exciting things to look for are Giant Clams, the Moltke Wreck and even a WWII aeroplane propeller!

Giant Clams & Moltke Shipwreck

Giant Clams are the largest clam in the world! They can live up to 120 years old and grow up to 2 metres in length!

The Moltke Shipwreck Sunk in 1913 and is now a popular dive site on the island!

Snorkel Trail at Geoffrey Bay - WW2 Propella and Engine Block

WW2 Aeroplane Propeller

This is definitely not easy to find, but if you are a good swimmer and enjoy a challenge, it is worth searching for.

It took us almost an hour of searching to find this unique work of art, we were extremely pleased as not many people can actually find it!

Snorkel Trail at Nelly Bay - Magnetic Island - Tina Snorkelling

Snorkelling at Nelly Bay

The first marker is roughly 100 metres from the beach, so it’s much easier if you are not so confident in the water. 

Although it’s not as exciting as Geoffrey Bay, it’s still a beautiful place to visit, with many different species of fish, coral and various marine life. 

You may also find a sea turtle or a whitetip reef shark. (Don’t worry they are not dangerous!)


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